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Featured Datasets

Name Map Description
Antifa 1-layer map of American Antifa activity. The lower left group is centered around fake antifa accounts in the "Antifa Army", while the top right group appears to be legitimate.
Antifa 2-layer map of American Antifa activity, showing the same bifurcation as in the first layer.
Hate Groups 2-layer map of some hate groups defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The large cloud represents the "alt-right", while the two protrusions are the Nation of Islam and the Westboro Baptist Church.
Black Lives Matter 2-layer map of Black Lives Matter. The group in the top left appears to represents supporters of the nonprofit "Black Lives Matter Global Network", while members in the bottom right appear to support a more decentralized vision of the movement.

All data collected with SocMap and rendered with Cytoscape

Usernames have been removed from the maps to protect the privacy of users